Anything But Plain offers the most notable range of professional plaster finishes in Houston. There are exquisite plaster veneers, diamond plaster, Venetian plaster and acrylic plasters available for residential or commercial application.


We craft unique and inspired furniture and cabinet finishes. Distressed and aged cabinets, textural layering, softly glazed furniture, hand painted details, or crisp contemporary metallic finishes can change the ambiance of any room.


Anything But Plain is recognized as Houston's top faux painter, providing award-winning decorative painting services . Our staff of artisans create beautiful custom finishes for Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Builders.


3 Myths of Cabinet Finishes Revealed!

Distressed, Glazed, Worn-Thru … Oh My! Have you noticed how every industry has their own special “buzz words”? Notice how those words get over used, lose their meaning, and completely complicate things? Much of the confusion creates myths about terms or processes. Never fear, we’re doing our very best “myth busting” today. In our industry a lot of the confusion about certain terms revolve around furniture and/or cabinet finishes. So, let’s take a look at some of our favorite hard surface finishes and breakdown the terms and processes and what the buzzwords of glaze, texture, and distressing really look like. …

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