Anything But Plain offers the most notable range of professional plaster finishes in Houston. There are exquisite plaster veneers, diamond plaster, Venetian plaster and acrylic plasters available for residential or commercial application.


We craft unique and inspired furniture and cabinet finishes. Distressed and aged cabinets, textural layering, softly glazed furniture, hand painted details, or crisp contemporary metallic finishes can change the ambiance of any room.


Anything But Plain is recognized as Houston's top faux painter, providing award-winning decorative painting services . Our staff of artisans create beautiful custom finishes for Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Builders.


Modern Now and Wow!

Can Decorative Painting be Modern? Absolutely! If you’ve picked up any home magazine this year, you’ll find the words “sleek”, “modern” and “clean” on almost every page. We hear these words over and over again. Most people translate that to mean flat white or light gray wall paint, or maybe a simple wallpaper pattern. These are not the only answers. Decorative painting and faux finishing does not mean “Old World” or “Sponging (ugh!)”. It is an illusion painted on, or a texture applied to walls, ceilings, furniture, or just about any surface in your home. It can be “Old World”, …

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