5 Myths About Decorative Painting

It seems that there are a number of common misconceptions about decorative painting and faux finishes. From "it isn't modern" to "it's too expensive", people pick up some ideas that are difficult to get past. We've picked a few of our favorite decorative painting myths and are more than happy to give you the real scoop.

Myth #1: Decorative Painting and Faux Finishing is outdated.

FACT: Even though decorative painting has been around hundreds of years, many people remember the 90’s era of decorative painting in all their “spongy” glory. That dated image has been hard for our industry to shake. Those simple, "crafty techniques" are not in any current repertoire. People are usually stunned by the variety of textures, plasters, designs, metallic, and mica finishes that are available for their walls, cabinets, ceiling, floors and furniture!

Myth #2: I have a clean, modern design aesthetic, so I don’t use decorative finishes. Can decorative painting be something other than traditional or Tuscan?

Luxurious Metallic Plaster Bath FACT: Absolutely! It can be over the top outrageous with vibrant color and design – or very subtle and sophisticated. We have a diverse portfolio filled with textural finishes, finishes that mimic metallics, animal skins, and fine art as well as reflective crystal beads and geometric patterns that would fit perfectly in the most clean, sleek spaces.

Myth #3: It’s like wall paper; I’ll just come over to your showroom and pick up a sample.

Samples FACT: Another terrible misconception. One of the best things about decorative painting is the custom factor. When we first meet with clients, many times they expect to have a small collection of "paint chip"-like samples to choose from. We literally have hundreds of large samples in our studio. We use these samples to help narrow down the client's taste, style and colors so that we have a starting point in creating their custom look. It’s really all about you!

Myth #4: It’s just for walls.

FACT: The wonderful thing about decorative painting is the versatility. We have done faux alligator on cabinets, silver leaf on tables and chairs, murals in elevator shafts, tons and tons of ceilings and even garages. One of our recent and more unusual places was exterior fencing. We were asked by a client to replicate the rusty, antique finish of her gate onto the surrounding, newly constructed fence and panels. (We even won an award last year for that one!)

Myth #5: It’s expensive.

FACT: It’s custom and unique to your room, so it will cost more than something you find everywhere. But it is affordable! Depending on the finish you choose and the size of your room, the cost of the finishes can be large or small.

We hope we have dispelled some of the myths about decorative painting that you might have had. Take look at our portfolio to see all the many options that are out there for your home or client. We’d love to meet with you for your next project. Do you have any other myths that you'd like to share? Leave a comment.

Sincerely, Janie's Signature Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan janie@anythingbutplain.com