5 Refreshing Color Blogs to Follow

New Season, Spring Colors

In Houston, Spring has finally sprung! We are having Spring Break, and the Rodeo showed up in town, so that makes Spring official around here! Thank Goodness we didn't suffer with snow but there have been tons of gray days. We all know how wearing gray days can be on our psyche. With the first bluebonnet sighting, I head to my closet to put away the winter woolens. I look at what I'll be recycling from last year's wardrobe. Then I peruse all the latest fashion magazines and blogs for Spring colors and trends before I head out the door to go shopping!

Next I start looking around the house to rid it of anything that screams Winter. My husband swears I get this wild look in my eye before I go nuts with the purging and Spring cleaning! I ditch anything that remains from the holidays and then I'm to check out some of my favorite blogs!

Color blogs: inspiration is a click away

There is nothing better than a little color inspiration to spark our creativity. Great blogs can be all of that and more. Sometimes all that is needed is a touch of an updated color to our wardrobe or favorite space to give it a new fresh look.

You may fall in love with one color, but it doesn't always solve your problem if you don't know how to pair it with other colors. (What goes with the radiant orchid color, you may ask?) That's the beauty of some the really great color blogs I've bookmarked over time. They have fabulous color palettes already configured to take the guesswork out of your up-date!

There are so many places to find color inspiration but these are my favorites color blogs to follow:

Color Blogs: Spring Colors at Plenty of ColorWhats great about this blog is that it uses striking photos of unusual places or things to inspire. My favorite right now are these bright blue spheres in Antarctica, I could just stare at them all day.

Color Blogs: Design SeedsLet's face it, if you can use ice cream to create a beautiful palette for my living room, I'm sold! Of course this blog also use flowers, landscapes, and much more.

Color Blogs: PantonismAnother blog that is visually stunning. It works a little differently, pick your color (orange shown below) and be awed by the mix of photos ranging from fashion, art, to advertisements. Start scrolling and let the inspiration begin!

Color Blogs: For the Love of of Color This blog shows everyday items that wouldn't usually be considered beautiful and shows us how all the colors work together to for a pleasing palette. From architecture to nature there are great ways to be inspired.

Color Blogs: Color CollectiveThis blog was created as a color resource for designers. Their photos are work from various designers, artists and photographers that encourage color creativity.

Don't let Winter get you down. Think Spring. Think Color. Think Blogs! Now go click on something and be inspired! (Did we miss your favorite color blog? Please be sure to let us know!)

Sincerely, Janie's Signature Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan janie@anythingbutplain.com