5 Signs Your Client is a Candidate for Decorative Painting

Blue Metallic Plaster with All-Over Large Stencil Design

Is your client a candidate for decorative painting?

One of the biggest hurdles for decorative painters and interior designers to overcome when dealing with the public is how to tell if your potential client is a good candidate for specialty decorative finishes. Somewhere in the interview process, the client might let you know directly or you may have to play detective.

You need to look for key phrases that are your clues.

  1. They don't like flat paint. It's boring. It has no depth. It has no movement.
    (That is a really good sign!)
  2. They like wallpaper but hate the seam.
    (They like a consistent texture or design.)
  3. They want something that is uniquely theirs.
    (Even if they pay a $1000 a roll for wallpaper someone else has it hanging on their walls as well.)
  4. They like wallpaper but they can't find the right color or design.
    (That's easy. You are all about custom!)
  5. They understand unique and custom comes at a price.
    (Artists cost more than painters!)

Does that sound like you or your client? Did we miss any clues? Leave us a comment and let us know!

With the right candidate, the possibilities are endless.

Sincerely, Janie's Signature Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan janie@anythingbutplain.com