7 Amazing Chocolate Creations for Valentines Day!

Almost too beautiful to eat!

There is no better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with some delicious chocolate! The only thing that could make it better is adding artistic flair to the mix! These lovely creations will tantalize your tastebuds and peak your artistic sensibilities, they are almost too lovely to eat. (be sure to check out #5, fabulously inventive)

1. Chocolate Planet Truffles

Who wouldn’t want a galaxy made of this wonderful sweet stuff!

Chocolate Heaven

2. Functional Lego Chocolate Bricks

Incredibly clever but who could resist this delicious goodness long enough to build anything?

Chocolate Lego Art

Chocolate Lego Art Sculptures

3. Chocolate Tools

True artistry went into creating these aged tools! This is some “faux finishing” we can really sink our teeth into.

Chocolate Art Tools

Chocolate Art Tools

4. Chocolate Pencil Set

You can write the sweetest notes with these and the pencil shavings would never go to waste!

Chocolate Art Pencil Set 

Chocolate Pencil Set Art

5. Chocolate Skulls

How fabulously creative is this little treat! These guys really do have brains the size of walnuts!!

Chocolate Sculpture Skull Art

Chocolate Skulls Art

Colorful Chocolate Skulls

6. Chocolate Paint Tubes

We could make something really beautiful with paints, like a smile on our face after tasting each one!

Chocolate Art Paint Tubes

Chocolate Art Paint Tubes

7. Chocolate Painted Bars

So lovely I might not want to eat it … all at once.

Creatively Painted Chocolate Bars

Creative Chocolate Bars Painted

We hope you celebrate Valentines Day with someone special and a beautiful, sweet treat!

We wish you hugs and chocolate kisses!

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