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Halogen v Warm LED v Cool LED Lighting options

Color and Lighting

That paint color you chose looked so beautiful in the paint store. When you held it up to your fabric it was a perfect match. So why, when you painted it on your wall, did it not look right? A couple of answers come to mind.

Did the painter apply 2 coats of paint? Paint was designed to be applied twice to get the best coverage and the truest color. Skimping on the coats affects the end result. How much natural light do you get in that room? Is it a room that faces east, west, north or south? The orientation of the room can have a huge impact on the color of a room. North facing rooms give the wall colors a dark tone while south facing rooms gets tons of natural light and any color looks good and true.

What kind of lighting are you using in the room?

Halogen, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs affect color perceptionHalogen, incandescent, fluorescent, soft white or full spectrum bulbs all cast a different color in the room and that can affect the color of your walls. Incandescent bulbs give off a warm tone. This works great with yellows and reds but not so well with blues and grays. Halogen lighting gives off a white light. Fluorescent bulbs give off a blue hue that can make skin tones and warm colors muddy. A full spectrum fluorescent most closely mimic natural light.

It is very important to apply a large square of your desired paint color on the wall where the paint will live. Look at it at different times of day and in different lighting. The same is true if you are doing a decorative finish. Your decorative painter or faux finisher will make you a sample to sign off on. Make sure you pin the sample of the finish to the wall to ensure that the lighting in the room works with the color and finish you have chosen. When working with a custom finish the artist can tweak the colors to read the best for the room.

There is a real science behind the effects of lighting on paint color. I found some blogs that are excellent. They have side by side examples that speak volumes! Choosing the colors for your home can be overwhelming. These sites can make it an easier process. Check them out!

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