Designer Feature: Marjorie Slovack

This is a recent dining room we completed for Slovack-Bass. Why do I need an Interior Designer?

You see beautiful homes with lush interior spaces in magazines, on HGTV,, and in just about every form of media out there. Every room looks perfectly put together and so inviting. It’s lovely to be bombarded with beauty but it can be daunting to try to achieve it for yourself. When potential clients call us to do work we always ask if they are using an interior designer. The usual answer is, “I don’t want to pay more for what I am having done.” With responses like that I know they don’t know how a good interior designer operates or the benefits of using one. For me, you hire a designer because he or she is the one with the bigger picture and co-ordinates all the moving parts to make the vision a reality.

One of my favorite designers is Margie Slovack of Slovack-Bass. I have had the pleasure of working with this award winning design group for over 20 years. Every house we do together is unique. So I put this question to Margie. "Why do I need a Designer?" Her answer was spot on!

“A professional designer can bring unity to the multiple viewpoints that are a part of any project. Clarity of priorities to an architect, solidity of needs from the client, product knowledge to the contractor, is all a part of the role the interior designers plays. Add the extras of talent, intuition, and ability to actually hear and interpret the clients, and you have a formula for success,” says Margie.

I couldn't agree with Margie more. We are in new construction, remolding projects, or just there to freshen up spaces all the time. We see the collaborative effort that need s to be orchestrated at every level to make the project happen. From our perspective, it’s like herding cats. It’s just not the colors and furniture that defines the designers’ job. Margie says it in a great way, “The most rewarding results come from the blend, not from one person or even one designer. A team approach allows ideas to flow from all sides and then edit from the fine line of quality and actual production. We all grow in the process and the rewards are in your daily enjoyment of the spaces you live in."

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Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF,
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