Diamond Plaster

People always ask me if I have a favorite finish (you know that’s like picking your favorite child). As simple as that question is, it is hard to answer. First of all, I have noticed that “A.D.D.” and creative people seem to go hand in hand. So the next, newest, shiny object or finish seems to get our attention...("Squirrel!")... Plus what we do is limitless. There are so many combinations and different end results that choosing just one seems limiting! Not a word any artist likes. There are certain finishes that I prefer in certain settings in certain rooms. One of the loveliest finishes we do in large, high-end homes is Diamond Plaster. This finish exemplifies subtlety and sophistication. Don't confuse Diamond Plaster with Venetian Plaster. (We will tackle Venetian Plaster at another time.) Diamond Plaster is really a veneer that’s about ¼ of an inch thick that is applied over sheetrock. It is tinted, so the color is throughout the finish not just on the surface and hand applied by trowel. We have done this finish in very traditional homes, were it gives the appearance of fine European walls. In contemporary houses, the finish adds softness and subtle color. It's simply stunning wherever it lives. It gives warmth to a room and looks as if there are more tones to the finish than just flat color.

Diamond Plaster creates a strong, hard surface that resists abrasions and surface cracking (always good in Houston). It is a combination of gypsum, plaster of Paris, lime and quartz so it's hardy stuff.

Take a look at a few of the rooms we have finished in Diamond Plaster.

Diamond Plaster Surface FinishesDiamond Plaster Wall FinishesDiamond Plaster Artisan CrewDiamond Plaster Application

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