Asian Inspired Theater with Golden Dragons

Here there be dragons...

I gave you a little glimpse on Instagram of a theater room that we completed recently in the Memorial area of Houston. Now, we can show the total picture and give you a little of the back story. This was a collaborative project with Interior Designers Jane Page Crump and Laura Litton, sculptor Rod Flower, the artists here at Anything But Plain, and of course our homeowner. It is so much fun to create something truly unique. From three dimensional dragons, golden Shinto roofs, to Chinese lettering of good fortune on metallic plaster, this room reflects the cultural heritage of the client. I'm going let Rod tell you about the conception and creation of these spectacular dragons!

“In Chinese culture, dragons represent prosperity and good fortune, and are lovers of both music and literature, making them an obvious choice for decoration. For this particular setting, a home theater room, the dragons are integrated with the Asian motifs and décor, blending together cultural elements and symbols. Interior Designer Jane Page introduced the idea of having a pair of dragons running the full length of the theater, their serpentine figures wrapping around the walls and culminating at the end of the room, each head of a dragon flanking the projection screen. Much research and dozens of sketches were produced for the final look, and clay models were created to determine the depth, texture and composition.” says Rod Flower.

“The idea was to depict the dragons, beginning with their tails, as bas relief sculpture, extending into fully dimensional figures that emerge off the walls and are perched on the columns; their heads turning towards the theater’s entrance.”

Sculpted Dragons Prior to Finishes

Ron also said, “The final sculptures were carved from two pound density expanded polystyrene foam, hard coated and painted with metallic finishes. The dragon heads were hollowed out to accommodate the LED fixtures for their eyes, with inlaid stained glass so that each dragon had an amber or scarlet glow.”

Once the concept for the dragon with Rod was in place, Jane Page asked us to create a ornate wall finish that replicates the feel of an Asian temple. Metallic plaster walls, with faded Chinese lettering and a raised medallion created the perfect backdrop for Rod’s dragons. A glaze finish with gold and silver embellishments were applied to roofs, trim, carved doors, and crown. The client loved the end result!

Janie's Signature

Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF,
Master Artisan