Gators Got Your Granny

Faux Alligator Finish on Cabinets and Counter Top

"Gators got your granny..."

Or so the 60’s song "Poke Salad Annie" said. (I know, it’s more of that weird, esoteric info that I harbor in my brain. It's the important stuff I have a hard time remembering :) I heard that song on XM this morning and it put 'gator and animals on my mind. Alligator accessories

Traditional alligator hide shows up in belts, shoes, purses and luggage. It is very expensive and looks it – which of course makes it highly desirable! We used a textural faux alligator finish on these cabinets. It looks like the real thing. For all those tactile people, it feels like the real thing, too. It adds a whole element of realism to the faux finish that fascinates our clients. The beauty of a faux alligator is that it can be done in any color. If blue alligator is your goal, it is very do-able.

Sink with Alligator faux finishHow about an alligator sink? This one is ceramic. I took this picture through a showroom had a matching toilet. Wouldn’t this make a terrific powder room?

Animal hide finish These finishes appear very realistic. Sometimes an animal hide finish can be very stylized and still convey the feeling of an animal skin. A little can go a long way. We did this large scale zebra hide on one wall in a "tween's" bedroom. It’s not too babyish and still a little grown up. It was just the wild element that the designer wanted.

"That was random..." I found this great picture of an alligator with human feet. I just love it, but I hope it doesn't catch on!

Sincerely, Janie's Signature Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan