We Love a Good Rug!

"A good rug can change you life"

Some people say a good pair of shoes can change your life. However we like to say a good rug can change your room and your life! One our talents not too many people know about is our talent for custom, hand painted rugs. Maybe you’re not ready to change the current flooring or carpeting but still want a big change? A hand painted sisal rug can make that happen for you and your space.

We love offering this custom service. Who wants to spend hours shopping all over town or scouring the internet for the perfect rug when you can have one custom created. One of the best parts of decorative painting is offering something no one else can offer our clients…unique custom created beautiful finishes and products. And these rugs are a sublime example of our ability to make our clients space special with a one of a kind creation.

Whether your room is modern, traditional or some eclectic mix in between we have a pattern that’s perfect for you. Or maybe you’re looking for something with an even more personal touch. Many of our clients have us do their entry rug or doormat, we’ve done several monogramed mats and even large custom cut outdoor rugs for local businesses. They are fun and functional as well as inexpensive and hardy.

These rugs are perfect for any home even high traffic areas and you don't have to sacrifice style. We love these rugs, we hope you do too!

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