Hot Off the Press! Villa de Luxe Showhouse

Villa de Luxe Showhouse Well, the magazine has finally hit the streets!

We had the Luxe magazine dropped at our doorstep this week. It shows the ceiling we painted in the kitchen for the Preservation Show house, "Villa De Luxe" in all its glory. If you didn't get a chance to visit this beautiful home located in the Shadyside subdivision of Houston, please pick up the magazine. The pictures are lovely! I showed you a couple of shots on instagram but it certainly didn't do the house justice. When the house was open for the preview party I was a docent in the kitchen (kind of like a glorified tour guide). I pointed out different features of the room to the people touring the house. In the butler's pantry there was a closet with a large safe that only the owner and those working on the house had any knowledge of. One older lady and her husband walked directly to the closet, opened it up, and using a high intensity flashlight, started to read the inscription on the front of the safe. I was a little shocked that someone would come into a home on tour and rifle through their things. Well, I found out that the lady had played in the house as a child and knew all the hidey-holes and secrets of the house. Her husband was something of a "safe buff" so she wanted to show him the manufacturer's marks and dates. The safe was more than 150 years old. I thought, how wonderful that someone knew the history of the old house and had such happy memories of the place.

We painted a mural on the ceiling of the artist's study in the house as well. When you came up the stairs you saw an open sky with white doves. The whole theme of the room was wings. Very cool! It was Interior Designer Margie Slovack's room. Well, the magazine showed the room but not the ceiling. It was a little disappointing not to have the work accompany the article, but the write-up was really good. Such is life in the big world.

Have a great week!

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