Houzz Addiction

I've always said that I have an over-active nesting gene. I seem totally consumed with anything related to houses. I've built them, flipped them, remolded them, painted, plaster and decorated them. Homes just intrigue me no end. It's like a big box of possibilities. What could be more fun than playing with the possibilities? Well, I can't be they only house obsessed person in this world because a tremendous amount of people are taking their addictions to www.houzz.com. If you are looking for major inspiration, beautiful rooms, every kind of furniture, drapery, lighting, architectural details, as well as the latest in everything to do with a house, this is your new favorite site! Need a gothic door, roman bath tubs, outdoor kitchens or a plaid couch? It's all there and soooo much more. This is an online data base of over 600,000 beautiful pictures with an easy to navigate site so you can find that one wonderful thing that you have been dreaming about for your home. Houzz.com -  A new website for ideas

If you look at the pictures and notice a little green hanging price tag, you click on it and it will tell you where to find it and for how much! I love this kind of shopping. I've put the Houzz button on our website if you would like to take a peak.

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