How do I pick a finish?

I think this is one of the first things most people ask me when we talk about creating a finish for their home. Decorative painting and specialty finishes are an art form that can add the perfect ambiance to any room. Regardless of your home décor, you can find the perfect decorative finish. For most people they just need to know where to start. The myriad of choices available to you can seem overwhelming. The confusing part for most people is all the options. Color? Pattern? Texture? Metallic? Mural? With help from your designer or decorator and a professional faux finisher you will be able to narrow down the options. One of the ways we do that is by considering 3 important factors.

  1. ARCHITECTURE: Many of your choices are going to depend on the design and style of the room and how you plan to use the room.
  2. COLOR and PATTERN: Choosing a color palate for the room is your next big step, keep in mind the color of items in the room, like the floors, existing fabrics and furniture, or other items you are going to reuse or re-purpose. Do you want a pattern? What style? What size? Maybe you just want color and texture.
  3. BUDGET: Budget is one of the more important factors. You have to know what you are able or willing to spend to find out what is available at your price. (The faux finisher can tell you if it is realistic or not). Once you’ve establish the color palate, know the style of the room, and settled on a budget you are well on your way. These choices help you narrow down your options making the choosing that much easier. The faux finisher should present a portfolio of samples and pictures to help zero in on the right finish for you. Since all the work is custom, any samples can be made to your specifications.

Here are a few ideas:

Remember, like all good design some rules are meant to be broken. Large scale wall designs can work just about anywhere depending on the design. Distressed cabinets can work in a contemporary setting as well as traditional, in the right color. So listen to the professional. Their years of experience and training will guide you. There are hundreds of finishes available so you usually can find something in your price range, color, and style.