Mid Century Miami Architecture

Meet the Jetsons I was in Miami for a job this past month. When I wasn’t working the walls and cabinets on our job site, I got a chance to visit some of my old haunts. I grew up in Miami. It was not always the huge international city that you see today. It was busy during the tourist season but when the snowbirds flew north, it settled back into the small southern town we all loved. (That tells you how long ago that was!)

Miami's unique architectural flavor

Miami architecture was influenced by people with money trying to make a statement. The statement being..."I Have a lot of Money and I Am Somebody.” The winter homes of the wealthy surround any water you can find. It’s heavy with tiled roofs, plaster walls, and Spanish motifs. It is beautiful and lush with all the tropical foliage that set off the soft, curvy lines of the buildings. Beautiful moons and blue skies, it’s all picture perfect. The tourist board loves it. But that’s not all Miami has to offer.

During the 50’s and 60’s Miami went through a building boom. Into the mix came mid-century modern. As I wandered my old neighborhood I took some shots of – what were at the time I lived there – fairly middle-class homes. I have no idea of their prices today. The neat thing is that although they are older, they are well maintained and still livable. In fact, I felt that way about Miami in general. New homes and buildings have been added but very few have gone away or have been torn down. It gives the town character.

I thought you might like to see some of those places.

Miami Architecture Snapshots...

Original International headquarters for Bacardi Rum is covered in mosaic tiles, now the headquarters for YoungArts.Simple but sleek.Creative concrete block design.Very minimal but functional

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