Mirror, Mirror on the Wall?

Sometimes I think I'm a little like a fish

I see a shiny object and I just have to check it out. Of course, it could just be the A.D.D. kicking in! At any rate, nothing says shiny like the look of mirrors. They are reflective and can add a little “bling” in any room.

You can create a mirror in just about any shape and size so they fit in any room or space. Glue them directly to the walls, frame them with wood or metal, cover furniture, or put mirror on mirror. It all works! One of my favorite ways to use a mirror is with a pattern or design incorporated into the glass. You get “bling” and a design of your choosing all in one shot. This process involves chemicals and stripping off the black paint and silver from the reverse side. Remember, a mirror is only coated glass.  

Once you remove the backing and silver from the mirror you can paint in a new pattern or replace it with paint or a different metallic. With your new design in place, you re-coat the back of the mirror. The end result is beautiful.

It’s the same method glass manufacturers use to create antique mirrors. (You didn’t think all that antique mirror was really old, did you?) Whether it’s an antique finish, a traditional pattern, or a contemporary design you seek, it’s all fabulous and totally custom!

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Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan janie@anythingbutplain.com
powder room

Antiqued Inlaid Mirrors with Gold Leaf Design

mirror with pattern design

Mirror designs!