Most Liked Photo

What people most like (and share) is a funny thing.

One choice is no better or worse than the next. It just “IS”, right? This week we took a look at our hottest photo of our work on social media. We were surprised to find it was a photo of a lovely guest bedroom we call the “country mansion”.

Most liked photo: Metallic plaster with Antiqued Detailing on Guest Bedroom.

Subtle decorative finishes fit the space

We were surprised not because we don’t love it, which we do, but because we have tons of flashy stuff, and subtle seems to win out every time. This photo has been pinned, shared and idea-booked over 2500 times. Everyone comments on how they love our pearl fresco wall finish and glazed and gold waxed ornament around the ceiling. This is a guest bedroom that looks out onto a serene garden. With a soft setting like that, we didn’t want to bombard it with too much color or pattern. The shimmer from the metallic plaster gives it an elegance all its own and then it was topped off with a little gold shimmer on the trim. (On the photo it looks dark brown but it’s not.)

Aside from the custom decorative finishes we created, people absolutely love the work of our E2E partner in this room. G&S Draperies got a lot of attention, and generated a lot of questions. Our "pinners" and "houzzers" especially loved the valance and drapes behind the bed; it works so well with the height of ceiling and stately elegance of the room.

We also get a lot of questions about the project itself. We completed this project in 2012. This was a monster of a house, really large. We were lucky to be able to do different finishes in just about every room. The home was located in Richmond, TX, and the designer was Peggy Baker. We loved her ideas for the house, and especially this bedroom.

Thanks for the all the likes, pins, and shares on your favorite social media networks. It gives us a boost to know people like the work we love to do so much. And if you haven’t found us on social media before, here are the ways you can keep up with all our new projects!


Sincerely, Janie's Signature Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF, Master Artisan