Orange you glad it’s summer?

Orange Juice I see the ads for school supplies everywhere. What happened? Did summer slip by that fast? I’m still savoring the season while it lasts.

One of the nicest parts of summer is all the great colors that surround us. Think of all the beautiful and vibrant flower beds, the summer sportswear with “beach-y” colors, hot dogs on grills, and everything that says sunshine and outdoors! We feel invigorated and lively. To bring a little of that uplifting feeling into your life all year long, try a little orange. Psychologically, orange is an optimistic and uplifting color. Starting each day with a glass of orange juice is good for the body, but the color is good for your mood! A win-win! We are seeing the color orange used in every room of the house. Sometimes it is used as an accent and other times as the dominant color. Wherever it lives, it puts a little perk in our step.

Beautiful Orange Venetian PlasterOrange Interior Design from http://www.interiorholic.comMetallic Wax Dome with DesignRetro Design from

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