Paint The Skin You Are In

Body Mural

Nothing like a few martinis or a glass of champagne to get you in a painting mood, right?

Well, that was our thinking when we invited some of our favorite designers into our new office/studio space here at the Houston Design Center. We were doing a little "show and tell" of our latest finishes and we also wanted to create an interactive experience for our guests. What’s more fun to paint than a scantily clad man? We thought it was our best idea so far! To set the stage for Sergio, our model, we painted a background of colorful florals. Then we stood Sergio in front of the painting and painted him white and outlined the paintable spots in black. He became a human coloring book! Our designers took turns painting in the spaces. The end result was that Sergio disappeared into the painting with his head seeming to float around the wall!

We had a great time! Our thanks to all of our designers who came to play!

Making of a Body Mural...enjoy our creative process.

Steven WagnerName tags for drinks.Starting body muralBody Mural with colors being addedAnything But Plain crew starting to set up Sergio for muralStarting to add color on SergioShannon MannLauren Grumbles of Slovack-Bass

Julie Veselka of Slovack-BassRachel Anderson of Marie FlaniganLeticia Ellis of Laura UJane Page Crump of Jane Page Design Group

Body Mural almost finishedBody Mural: Janie Ellis, Sergio and Audrey

Special thanks go out to Steven Wagner and Paul Hensley who staged all of our work. We couldn’t begin to make decisions on which of our new favorites we wanted to showcase (it’s like choosing your favorite child!). Everything looked fabulous! Forgive us for not showing all our new finishes. They were for our designers' eyes only.


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Janie Ellis, RID, ASID-IP, CF,

Master Artisan