Quatrefoil...Why Is It EVERYWHERE?

The Quatrefoil

I’m sure you’ve seen it on everything from bed sheets and rugs to high end wall finishes. This fancy little shape has made its way through history and into some of our favorite designs. Last week, we heard a great podcast about the history and timelessness of the quatrefoil on 99% Invisible. (If you have the time you should really take a listen...its great!)

Quatrefoil pattern

So here is a little more about this intriguing design. The word quatrefoil actually means “four leaves”, which is appropriate since it resembles a four leaf clover without the stem. This could be the reason it’s so popular. It mimics the shape of nature in a subtle pleasing way. There are two common forms of quatrefoil: one with more of an overlap of the “leaves” and the other with less of an overlap. Both of these types of quatrefoil date back to the 1260’s in architecture and stone carvings. In present times we find them just about everywhere because it can be made to look contemporary or traditional.

Take a look at a few of the interesting places we noticed quatrefoil patterns.

Stenciled Quatrefoil Patterned WallsOld World Dining RoomDiamond PlasterQuatrefoil patterned rugs Throw pillow with quatrefoil patternExample of traditional quatrefoilExample of less overlapping quatrefoilExample of early quatrefoil in stone

What trends or patterns are you noticing everywhere you go? Leave a comment and let us know!

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