Rub a Dub Dub a Body Lift in a Tub

Okay, this is the best! For those of you that are over forty, listen up. Imagine stepping into your bathtub. The bubbles swirl around you. You light candles. You soak. You sip wine. You step out of your bathtub and your skin looks 10 years younger! Sign me up for this! Plump up your skin with hydrotheraphy that has oxygen rich microbubbles – it's like having a facelift in the tub. Who knew? We were in Julie Koch’s showroom, Elegant Additions, to look over a space we will be finishing for her. Her showroom is full of the prettiest fixtures and fittings, plus bathtubs galore. Sinks you only see in magazines and the finest homes call you from every wall. It's a designer's dream. At any rate, she started to tell me about her latest "MicroSilk" bath. If you are 25 and have unwrinkled skin you can skip to the pretty pictures, if not, this thing not only "plumps you up" (say that with a German accent, ala Arnold), it also stimulates the immune system and kills bacteria. What a wild concept. This has to ring every baby boomers bell.

I've added their link so you can check it out.

We work in the most beautiful houses in town and we get to see the latest innovation in all things "home." It's like your own private show of "I Want That." We get to add our touch to these spaces. We thought this would be a great time to show you some of our favorite baths and powder rooms.

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