The 5th Wall

Anything But Plain groin ceiling design The fifth wall. I love that term. I think Melanie Royal coined it. If she didn't, she used it enough to make it memorable. It so aptly describes the ceiling in every room. Ceilings offer one more great opportunity to create lasting beauty in your home. You know how some things tend to go in cycles? It seems like for years all we did were wall finishes and then we got to do distressed cabinet finishes with some mural work thrown in. For the last 2 years, it has been trending to ceilings. We have always done ceilings, but not as extensively as we do today. It's like all our clients looked at the walls then lifted their eyes upward and discovered ceilings..all at the same time!

In our area of the country, Houston, Texas, our houses offer a wide variety of ceilings. So we needed different approaches for each type of ceiling.

Anything But Plain groin ceiling designGROIN CEILINGS We find groin ceilings mostly in entries and long halls. They are such a lovely architectural detail that we like to enhance their shape. Groins look great framed out with simple designs on the edges or for more drama, a larger design in the curve of each groin.

Anything But Plain blue oval dome ceilingDOMES Domes can be flat or rounded and located all over the house not just in entry areas or above staircases. Smaller ones have been popping up in bathrooms and libraries. For a statement piece, we do large scale, hand painted designs so that you get a lot of impact when looking up from the ground floor, as well as the ever popular gold leaf or gilded finish. Nothing says opulence like Gold!

Anything But Plain tray ceilingsTRAY Tray ceilings can be found in any room. They are flat and framed by the soffit so it's a perfect place to paint skies, intricate designs, borders, and just about anything you want. We like to take elements from the fabric in the room and replicate then in a different scale on the ceilings. It gives the room a really cohesive look.

Here are a few of our recent ceiling finishes that show domes, groins, barrel and tray ceilings.

Hand Painted Floating Barrel CeilingMaster Bathroom with Gold Dome CenterpieceHand painted dome above stair caseStenciled Moroccan Border in Family Room

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