This high rise takes luxury to new heights, in more ways than one. Designed by the creative team from Slovack Bass Design Build, this project was an existing high rise that was completely remodeled and then redesigned.  Because the condo was overlooking the water, the designers let the scenery be the inspiration for the design concept and color palette. The client was a world traveler and requested that the design team create a very sophisticated home for himself and his two children, whom he loved dearly.   Slovack Bass wanted to reflect that love by creating very special places for himself and his children.  The little boy had an interest in airplanes as did the father, an amateur pilot.  The little girl was transitioning into her teen years so the team wanted to make sure she was given a special room that would grow with her as she grew. The remodel took place in 2 phases since the client was living in the high rise during the remodeling and redesigning process.  We made sure we were flexible in our timing so as to not disrupt the client’s life. Fusing our artistic talents and creativity with Slovack’s impeccable taste and vision, we were able to bring their design elements to reality. The client was thrilled with Slovack Bass’s amazing team and the unique backdrops we created for their spaces. 

Diamond Plaster Living room

Diamond Plaster In Comfortable Living Room- Sit back and relax in this comfortable space, watching the ships come and go in this upscale condo living room.

Diamond Plaster ceiling

The stunning chandelier draws your eyes upward, revealing the soft movement diamond plaster brings to the space.

Diamond Plaster Walls and Ceiling- this tone on tone room is surrounded by subtle diamond plaster walls and ceiling.

Faux fabric metallic walls.jpg

Just as lovely as the woman in the painting is, so are the walls.  The term "less is more" is definitely appropriate for this space.  Walls received a simulated fabric finish with a metallic sheen

diamond plaster

Diamond plaster is the perfect backdrop to all the lovely textures found in the space.

Diamond Plaster Walls and ceiling

This tone on tone room is surrounded by subtle diamond plaster walls and ceiling.

Metallic detailing on Crown Molding

This metallic detailing was the cherry on top of an already over the top entry.  Walls received a simulated fabric finish with a metallic sheen.

hand made paper

Using historical diagrams of planes, writings about Orville And Wilbur Wright, and the clients flight logs, we created a one of a kind paper for the client's son's room.  The hand-applied paper was then plastered, distressed, and aged to give the effect of revealing walls from a by-gone era.


textural faux finish walls

This unique, hand-applied technique brought a sophisticated and tailored ambience to this space, allowing the artwork selected by the designer to shine.

metallic tub finish

Who wouldn't want to grab a glass of wine and soak in this tub? The finish on the exterior of the tub compliments the gorgeous tile wall behind it. If you relax your head and stare at the ceiling, it shimmers and shines with metallic plaster.


Wouldn't you want to wake up to this view every morning?! A soft, tone on tone palette allowed us to bring a soft texture to the walls, complimenting the other textures in the room.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster with burnished design- this airy bedroom suite streams with sunlight, reflecting off the gorgeous Venetian plastered walls embedded with a contemporary pattern, cool to the touch, but hot in design.

Metallic Plaster

Grab that throw and cozy up by the fire in this swanky sitting area, adorned with metallic plaster.

metallic plaster

The walls and ceiling shimmer and shine when the coastal sun hits the walls of this luxurious high rise master suite, done in a two color metallic plaster finish.